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01-12-2011, 02:43 PM
I say let people have them. If you don't like them don't use them just like anything else. Remember the old threads about "Federation cloaks will ruin the game" "this change has ruined PvP" "don't allow this" and they did it anyway, and the sky never fell and most of them turned out to be good changes and improvements. The sky didn't fall, the game didn't shut down, thousands of people didn't get mad and cancel their subscriptions. Life goes on. It's just a video game.

I support XP boosting items (not like, WAY over the top, but some here and some there are fine with me). After leveling several characters, I can tell you, from experience, it is extremely boring and not fun to have to spend ages leveling over and over and over.

Like anything, there should be fairness and balance and common sense needs to be used. It goes without saying. I fully agree that people need to earn their rank and XP. But this can still be done and people can still be given XP boosting items. Lots of other MMOs have them (SWG and LoTRO for instance, to name a couple).

The sky won't fall from this, I promise.