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01-12-2011, 01:54 PM
Originally Posted by Felderburg View Post
From the latest Engineering Report:

STO does not need these. First off, this is a stereotypical microtransaction item - whether or not STO goes F2P, it's a money grab from the wallets of impatient/lazy/bored of the grind people. Secondly, the complaints about leveling speed on the forums are about the speed of leveling - and no, it's not because it's too slow.

STO does not need this gameplay affecting item in the C Store - or at all.
You have a right to your opinion and I am glad you voiced it, but many others disagree with you. But that's what they are (on both sides) opinions. And if it makes Cryptic some extra money which goes towards improvement the game and adding content, and bringing in more players, I'm always for that. The more money they make, the larger development staff they can employ, and it means more content, more items, more fun for us, the players, ultimately. I for one, don't oppose that.