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01-12-2011, 01:59 PM
Originally Posted by Jas-
Maybe they work two jobs, or work full time, or have a family, or are a full time student, and don't have time to level up 3+ characters anytime reasonably soon, but they would love to get on and play and have fun and not have to do the boring lowly tasks over and over for months to get to a point where they can have fun doing STFs with people or running things with their friends. Seems to make sense to me. Granted, it isn't anyone else's fault if they are busy, but they may not have much control over it either. People have to eat and pay their bills and stuff, give em a break, I say.
The traditional counter-argument to this is that MMO gaming is competitive and that you should not be able to buy your way to the top. Just because you don't have a lot of time is no excuse. Ever tried telling Andre Agassi you should be able to beat him at tennis if you pay a certain amount because you don't have time to practice?

The argument that usually comes back is "Who are you to stop people from gaining levels quickly to play with their friends?"

The retort to that is "Why bother putting in levels in the game if you want everyone to be able to do everything equally? Or skills? Or anything that takes time to earn?"

As you can probably guess, I've seen this particular discussion more times than I care to count

Me, I don't care when in regards to STO. Levelling is easy enough that this must be the most casual-friendly online game I've ever played, and unless you really WANT to PvP or do the STFs it's basically a single-player game anyway. My only concern would be that the reason a lot of people are in support of the idea is because it's "boring to level up alts". Surrly that signifies a problem with lack of variety when it comes to levelling more than anything else.