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01-12-2011, 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by Felderburg View Post
Maybe I'm being cynical, but given how much of a C Store style item this is, I'm a bit worried. The problem I have with them is mainly the fact that this will pave the way for all kinds of C Store items, if/when STO goes F2P.
I don't have a problem with putting stuff in the C-Store, but I do think a couple of items may be a bit overpriced (Galaxy-X, Troi's outfit, etc.), but no one is forcing anyone to buy any of them. They are all 100% optional and you are given a choice to buy them or not.

I do think some items should be given to everyone without being placed in the C-Store - and some are - like vet rewards.

Having items put in the C-Store doesn't hurt the game, it brings them some profit which funds further game development, items and content we want. Further, it gives them a return on their investment to create those things for us, often at player request.

People need to stop complaining about having to pay for premium items. Atari is a business, in it to make money, first and foremost. I don't understand why they are derided as being evil for trying to make money, which is the main point of them being in business and making games.

If there are all kinds of new C-Store items published, great, I'm all for it. If they are too expensive, some people won't buy them and the prices will have to come down to compensate. (It is basically supply/demand). The more demand, the more they can charge. The less demand, the less they can charge, as people won't pay for things that aren't in demand, especially if the price is outrageous. It comes down to simple economics.