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01-12-2011, 02:06 PM
Originally Posted by Jas-
I understand your point, and it's well-taken. But I seriously doubt someone could actually afford to buy XP boosting tokens (which are often time limited in other games, or only work for x number of levels) all the way from bottom to top. And if so it would cost them heavily, probably.

No one really knows until Cryptic tells us more about what they have in mind for this. Why shoot it down before we even know the details? It's kind of like voting against a bill before you know what is in it, merely based on the title.
People can and do, if they have plenty of money and little time. It's happened before in other games and it can/will happen in this one too. The cry then is that you're creating a two-tier system, where people who have the money can pay for stuff that gives them an advantage over people who, through low income, cannot buy things like that and are stuck in the "slow" lane of getting things done, penalizing them for not having money.