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01-12-2011, 07:09 PM
Q: I want to be able to distribute my shields constantly during battle. You say you've done it, but you said it wasn't a toggle thingy. What gives?

A: I have bound the distribute shields command (/+power_exec Distribute_Shields) to my fire button. I use the space bar as my fire button; so everytime I press the space bar either I Fire Weapons or I activate a power. Distribute shields is one of those dozen powers.

Try this

space "GenSendMessage HUD_Rood FirePhasers $$ +power_exec Distribute_Shield"

HUD_Rood should be HUD_Root. And I think Shield should be Shields.

I copied and pasted the original into my bind file to be sure it was correct. To my surprise I couldn't fire weapons. :p