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01-12-2011, 07:27 PM
Originally Posted by Sekrit_Agent
This is why that strategy is not a good use of time. You'll waste a lot of time finding the right place to stand, etc. The more time you waste with the non-aggro method the more likely you'll have to wipe multiple times to get the positioning right. You're much, much better off using the "brute force" medical method as any wiping takes far less time. I think we got it 2nd or 3rd try instead of spending hours trying to find the right position and being punished spending another half hour wiping to try again. I'm sure someone will have an anecdote about how they had no issue with it though, but the non-aggro method was an utter fail every single time my team tried it...reliably someone would get aggro from a tactical drone even while out of LOS and not be able to manage the workers. Managing a weakened medical drone is far easier.
This was also my experience but I think it was partly due to players in the group who were not experienced in the mission (including myself) and not being really sure of what was possible or not. I have done it 8 times and still don't know the right spots to stand.

I finally completed it on the 8th attempt. The first two gates we were using the 'don't kill medics' approach. It was working but there was a guy on the team who didn't understand the words "don't kill the medics" or "don't use aoe" or "don't use turrets, drones or security team". We finally kicked him because he was more trouble than he was worth but then we got a player in who had completed the mission loads of times. On the 3rd gate he knew exactly where to stand and what to do for the non-aggro method and we got through first time. He knew really helpful things like it takes 20 seconds for a worker to bring down a node, and once you knock the worker off he has to start again. He also knew exactly what to do with the boss so he got us through it.

If someone could make a guide to this mission as to where to stand and what weapons to use that would be great.