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01-12-2011, 09:45 PM
I straight up refuse to play The Cure anymore in its current form. It's horrifying and Gozer acts like the design is working as intended, but I'm elated to see this nonsensical approach has been overruled (?) and they'll be looking at the design (along with the bugs) according to the new Engineering Report. I never had an issue with teamwork or solving puzzles to figure out the mechanics of something but people shouldn't walk away scarred for life or completely swear off PUGs to be successful. I am also glad that the "supporters" who obviously have nothing better to do IRL than hone their STO keyboard skills have been shut down officially

From a perspective of principle, the very idea that you have to go study a 2+ hour mission on YouTube or run with a team that is focused on rote memorization and execution of tactics and minimizing dialog (i.e. STORY) windows to avoid new spawn...while actively discouraging players of varying skill levels to combine their efforts on a shared adventure, engage them in a compelling story, and have a shot at solving reasonably challenging puzzles... is one of the stupidest cooperative game designs I've ever heard of especially for a game with precious little endgame content to begin with. There weren't always easy answers to difficult problems in the shows and STFs should certainly reflect that but our herpes used a combination of creativity, determination, and resources (including some run-n-gun) to achieve their goals.