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01-13-2011, 05:47 AM
I like the post, it is a reminder of a few things.

My belief is that if it exists in the world of Startrek it will come to this game. It is a matter of priority and like someone mentioned, there are Canon reasons why some things can't exists in the game at this time.

Consider the arrival of new races especially those who don't have a Prime Directive. The Romulans are really annoyed right now, who knows what weapons they have in-c-store (get it huh get it?) for using on the Feds. The upcoming Episode might be an indication of what Romulans are getting up to I don't know. I do think that a race will come that will use a lot of these weapons you mention and maybe variations of them that could stand up to the Borg.

Until then, why don't people get writing them into Foundry missions. Destroying weapon cache, investigating existance of such weapons in various locations and so on. I suggest you continue to remind people about such things and encourage them to use it in Foundry.