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01-13-2011, 06:32 AM
Weapons for Federation Ships :

1. Disruptors (already ingame)
2. Varon-T disruptors (outlawed I thought)
3. Lasers (lollolololol)
4. Pulse cannons (out of date)
5. Phase cannons (thought they already did)
6. Phased polaron cannon (interesting)
7. Phasers (what! the feds don't have phasers! madness!)

Biological/Radioactive/Chemical weapons :

The federation does not use bioweapons, dirty weapons or chemical attacks that I know of, What are they Nazi's now?

Projectile weapons :

1. Chroniton torpedoes (exists)
2. Polaron torpedoes (interesting)
3. Gravimetric torpedoes ( Gravimetric torpedoes are torpedoes used by the Borg. The weapon emits a complex phase variance of gravitons to create a gravimetric distortion capable of tearing starships apart. )
(very interesting)
4. Photon torpedoes (exists)
5. Plasma torpedo (exists)
6. Quantum torpedoes (exists)
7. Spatial torpedoes ( Spatial torpedoes are the ship's most powerful and primary ship-to-ship weapon prior to the installation of phase cannons. ) (out of date?)
8. Transphasic torpedoes (exists)
9. Phased plasma torpedoes (interesting)
10. Positron torpedoes ( The Kessok are a highly intelligent race that allied themselves with the Cardassians, albeit through deceit, in the video game Star Trek: Bridge Commander. They utilize positron torpedoes: powerful, slow-moving projectiles able to inflict nearly twice as much damage as quantum torpedoes. ) (interesting)
11. Isokinetic Cannon ( The Isokinetic Cannon was seen in only one episode of Star Trek: Voyager, "Retrospect". Voyager met with a weapons trader and designer known as Kovin. It destroyed a target buoy composed of solid 10m thick monotanium with a chromoelectric forcefield in one shot, coring it cleanly through. Unfortunately, Kovin was killed prior to the installation of the weapon. Though the weapon was never known to have been removed from Voyager, it was never seen in use nor referred to again. It is presumed that without Kovin's help, it could not be integrated into Voyager's defensive array and was either stored or removed. )
(as a crafted items maybe)

Subspace weapons :

the federation doesn't use subspace weapons for the same reason they don't use Bio-weapons. Its bad form and doesn't fit the hero ideaology

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