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Conquering is certainly a part of Klingon diplomacy, but I think solely focusing on that aspect reduces Klingons to simple warmongers which is fairly one dimensional. They are a warrior society and that ethos permeates their worldview, but there's more to Klingons than the business end of a Dk'tagh.
TOS: Errand of Mercy

Organia, a neutral planet that is hotly contested by both the Federation and Klingons becomes a target for both sides due to its strategic position between the two governments. The Federation goes to negotiate, the Klingons go to occupy and conquer.

DS9 story arc: Klingon-Cardassian War

The Klingons invade Cardassia Prime and execute the government officials, installing an overseer that allows conditions of squalor and plague to ravage populations on Cardassia and its colonies. The occupation is defined by barbarity and cruelty by the Klingon forces, and is an overall humanitarian crisis.