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01-13-2011, 10:05 AM
Originally Posted by Axterix
DS-9 got pretty good once they watched enough Bab-5 to figure out how to make the space station thing work. Definitely better than TNG. Just felt more real. Actions had more consequences, everything wasn't perfect again by the end of the episode. There was more character development than a single character growing a beard. Yeah, I'm not a huge TNG fan, too many meetings, too much modifying the deflector array, not enough character development or consequences.

That said, it didn't do it all as well as Bab-5 did. A lot of the time the major plot felt disjointed, like continuity wasn't really that important or the writers just decided that in this episode something big will happen. It didn't feel like they planned out a story to tell over X seasons, but rather, that they made it up season by season. Which is a shame, as they had the budget to do it well, if only they'd had someone with the vision.
babylon 5 did giant over arcing stories very well and no one has better character development but i always found bab 5 stand alone eps to be quite poor. its like MJS has a great overall story but fell over with the weekly stuff.