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01-13-2011, 01:43 PM
Originally Posted by homsikpanda View Post
awesome asuka picture =D

i <3 reis outfit too =3
Thats a fine one.. extra portion of emergency rugby baco... o h no I ment the Great SPECK Austro-Italian
its very very good ...

I used the TYerm Canadian some.. But i liekd the McKenzie Brothers Back Bacon Eh? routine...
Canadian was to make it sound more exotic for a marketign gurhu..

Ah ah the fake Bacon Contreversy Cappys sure Right [of course] That items liek a doggie treat chew toy and so raw hide ..Jerky Pork and not the nice oink piggy pulled BBQ pork.. ITs the Undines or Founders version of tryign to be BACON.. sacraliage.. [banend i niowa im sure]

or at least Riverside,Iowa..

Wait come to think of it wasent there a Fusion Treand i ncookign next thing you know u have a date take u to a place Serving Jeoy w Mint of somethign real mixed up chutney and CosCous

like a friends attempt at homebrewing.. <BLAEH...spit spit.. Waht did u use for yeats veggiemite?]