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01-13-2011, 05:37 PM
Personally, I always pictured "Klingon Diplomacy" going something like this:

One sunny afternoon on some unsuspecting world, a Bird of Prey decloaks and lands in the middle of the capital city. At the same time many more BoP's decloak in orbit and power up disruptors, destroying some culturely significant monument or some such.

The BoP on the ground opens up and a "Klingon Diplomat" steps out to greet the now fearful leaders of said world. With a great flourish of his cloak, he speaks:

"We are Klingon. We are the most feared warriors in the galaxy, and we have come to include your world in our glorious Empire. You now have a choice, you can work with us to facilitate your indoctrination into our Empire and things *should* go well for your world. Or you may resist us and we shall take what we want when we want it, and things *will* go very bad for your world. Your choice, we shall speak again tommorrow. Qa'Pla!"

With that, the BoP's in orbit take out another structure as the diplomat is reboarding his ship and taking off. As soon as the BoP clears the ground, all BoP's recloak, and wait for tommorrow.

Guess my point is that Klingon Diplomacy, to me anyway, seems like it should be conducted with disruptors and Bat'leths, not words. Just my 2 cents....

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