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Originally Posted by Enterprise-D View Post
hehe another company that really pushes the meaning of "soon" to the limit is NCSoft.

When they released Lineage2 they said that server transfer would be going live soon...little over 4 years later they added server transfers. Their site for Lineage2 is little over 3 years outdated and with 2-3 major updates per year means that allot of the new items, skills and other things are missing or incorrect, they have stated several times that it will soon get updated...yea right...
CCP (Developers of EVE Online) has that beat> CCPhas claimed that the ability for player's avatars will be able to "walk in stations" is "coming soon" since December 2006 and EVERY YEAR they say Incarna (the name of the update with the feature will soon be released. January 2011; and the feature is still "coming soon".