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01-14-2011, 06:54 AM
I think the costume looks fine. I think it just looks off in that picture cuz it looks like he just got done fighting something that obviously clawed up his suit a bit (see: The Lizard). Which probably explains why the suit looks grungy and perhaps why the red belt on the suit is missing at the moment. Also, if the keen eye looks at Spidey's wrists you can see what look to be MECHANICAL WEB SHOOTERS.

Personally I'm stoked about a reboot because I thought the original 3 Spider-Man movies are grossly overrated. Toby M. couldn't go 5 minutes without taking his mask off to get face time and Sam Raimi is an absolute hack as a writer and director. Spider-Man 3 pretty much verified all of the problems I had with the previous movies before it.

Plus with the few details that are coming out about the reboot movie it sounds better already. The movie has no Mary-Jane and features Gwen Stacy instead (for fans of the original comics, you know what this leads to... a scene that Sam Raimi utterly ruined in the original movie), The Lizard is finally getting face time, they're building up Green Goblin a little more properly, and they're also going to try and parallel some of the Ultimate Universe Spider-Man stuff a little too.

Yeah, they're rebooting something thats popular. It might not work but it might work too. It worked for Batman and Star Trek.