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01-14-2011, 07:05 AM
Mechanical Web Shooters are idiotic.

Now it's come about different ways. In one way a kid who develops Spider-like powers just HAPPENS upon the technology. Ignores the fact that it would be awesome for police use and keeps it to himself. I hate HUGE coincidences like that.

Or in one version he just plain was so super intelligent that he invented them himself after thinking "hey, I got spider powers but no web, why don't I make some?"

Freakin' stupid as fudge. Organic web shooters all the way.
Plus, compared to other fantasy techs the technology is just so outlandish. The ability to hold like a pill sized amount of liquid to create such massive amounts of webbing? IronMan's armor is probably 100x more realistic even with all of it's problems (like Jetpack feet).
At least with organic shooters he can hold this miracle liquid that turns to web in his much bigger than pill sized body.

I hate the tech web shooters. They suck.