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Originally Posted by Cuatela
The AGT badge and uniform were used in the (alternate) future of DS9: "The Visitor" (See: Jadzia Dax).

The badge was used with the TNG film uniform (instead of the AGT uniform) in the "alternate" future of Voy: "Timeless" (See: Geordi La Forge. This is possibly explained that it's set at an earlier date than the other two, which would explain the use of the updated badge before the uniforms were phased in (similar to how both the TNG series and DS9 series uniforms were seen on Generations, due to the phasing in progress).

and lastly... The badge and uniform were used in the (alternate) future of Voy: "Endgame" (See: Vice Admiral Janeway

Technically, these "alternate" timelines are how the future would have ended up without temporal interference. However, due to said interference, it remains to be seen if these uniforms will appear in the prime universe.
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Actually, based on information from the Memory Alpha site, TNG: "All Good Things", DS9: "The Visitor", and VOY: "Endgame" all seem to point to the conclusion that the alt-future uniform is still adopted; its presence in each of those episodes, despite all of the changes and corrections that have occurred in the timeline, including the undoing of the events that had led to each of those futures, would seem to indicate that this is the case, and is thus the logical choice for a generally-accepted common player uniform.

EDIT: Cuatela, thanks for bringing up the point of the "transitional" uniform from VOY: "Timeless" - the late-DS9/TNG film uniform with the future commbadge.
Thanks for responding guys! Much appreciated!

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And they're here!

AGT (All Good Things) uniforms.

Command Red
Security/Engineering Gold
Sciences Teal

In addition I also made a mock-up of the Flight Suit from the Voyager episode Drive using these parts.

VOY Drive Flight Suit

The AGT uniforms have been added to the Canon Uniform Guide for easy reference.
The VOY Drive Flight Suit can also be found on the Cadets, Technicians and Thugs Guide.

I hope you all like them.

Awesome as always my friend! Great work! Thank you!

I could be mistaken but wasn't there a grey cadet version of this uniform used in VOY: Endgame?