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01-14-2011, 06:52 PM
Originally Posted by The_Dogman
You do realize the reason he knows how to make the web fluid is because the spider passed the knowledge of it to Parker via the spider-bite? The mechanical web shooters are so much better because they show how smart Pete is supposed to be (something the other movies did nothing for) and they give him the extra weakness of "oh **** i'm out of web fluid", which is essentially his equivalent to running out of bullets and having no more clips.

Pete's web-shooter tech is ALOT more grounded than any other tech in the Marvel universe. Compare it to Tony Stark's power source for the iron man suit which has a single power source that produces far more energy then it consumes, and is a seemingly infinite power source. Or compare it to ANYTHING Reed Richards makes. Richards makes something rediculously over the top and can pretty much just say "i used magic to help make it" and that's all the explanation you get for his trans-dimensional-scientific-portal-device.

Organic web shooters are stupid because they take away one of the defining characteristics of Peter Parker, and they are an extremely lazy cop out for writers. Also, organic webbing was supposed to be something the Black Suit/Venom had as an advantage, it also takes that away from him too.
It matters on the version of Spiderman. But yeah, that's more ridiculous. Spiders don't have any real knowledge. Especially not of how to make freakin' webs. They just do it via their biology.

It's like getting the knowledge of how to hibernate from a bear. Or getting the knowledge of how to lay eggs from a duck. It's as stupid as it gets and can be explained effectively by making it biological in origin.

Peter's web shooters are NOT "a lot" (two words) more grounded than other tech. Infinite power sources aren't something new to comics and they're a lot more believable in a comic world than a liquid that has the magic ability to turn into a solid with 1000000x the mass.
As for Richards, he's ridiculous too. I'm not saying there' snot other ridiculous stuff in Marvel. Just that the mechanical shooters are one of 'em.

Organic web shooters are great because they give a far more plausible explanation of how they could possibly exist. They don't give this crappy character flaw that the mechanical ones do (that being he's a selective genius). It's just plain BAD writing.

The only reason people like the mechanical shooters is because they're used to it. They're used to the horrible logic. The bad writing. The ridiculousness of it all and refuse to change their minds because they hate change.