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01-15-2011, 11:12 AM
Originally Posted by Napoleon_BlownApart
Just finished the cure with some people we picked up in a different channel... took about 2.5 hours but we took several breaks between transformer/gates.

I changed from my normal role into some kind of lame leader and all the team members stepped up to the plate and performed wonderfully. We had no teamspeak and planning was minimal. we had only one team wipe and that was decided on and not really needed.

I decided for an aggressive approach to the gates and despite a few failures we managed to work out a quick and dirty method to get through... it often depended on me to float down the whole set of transformers drawing aggro and I fell more than a few times, but I had a SCI with me and we held on hard.

Grenade satchel definitlely made a difference and cryo grenades were a tremendous benefit...

The idea that these missions are impossible or totally broken is not true at all and I proved it tonight...

Beating any STF is not very difficult when you have players willing to listen and step up to the plate and deliver when called on.

I totally stepped outside my normal comfort role and led a very good team through the cure and had a very good experience.

All went relatively well... most gates took 2 or 3 tries to get right, but it ll worked out...

So tell me how things are so broken or o hard?
Ya know what? He's right....I have tried this with fleet mates and pugs if we hadn't enough people to do a mission on the KDF side, and man oh man was it hard without someone...usually the pug not listening. Once we had someone bring him a grenade satchel (I have no idea why a tac would be without, and we showed him how we roll, we actually sped up the run, and learned a couple of new things...

If people are willing to listen, and share what they know works, or such, the stf missions are NOT that bad...well, let me clarify...the boss on KDF cure is a bit tougher...but other than that, it's frakking ok.....

P.S.: If you find you have trouble on an STF or need someone to bring anything along, gimme a PM in game and either I or my fleeties might be able to assist you in some shape or fashion.