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01-15-2011, 10:56 AM
Originally Posted by Dassem_Ultor
It IS broken. Do NOT attempt it!

It "can" be done, by an extremely competent team doing everything right on first try.... AND is having all the luck in the world with them.

I've beaten it before and I know how to beat it, but it's a long process that you probably wont do in one night. I don't even have full confidence in my own tactics either because I honestly think luck played more of a part than tactics.

The boss part, to me, is really the only difficult part and I think it's very bugged. The first thing we did was take out ALL of the incubators and undine on top, because even if you do manage to beat the boss they'll swarm you. Kill of the undine on the ground as well, just completely clear out the room without touching sulu. After that, you start rifle butting the Sulus until the boss appears.

DPS is the key to beating him, that means try to have a team of at least 3 tacs (All if you can) and load up on large power cells before starting the mission. But once he starts getting towards 50% health let your power cells cool down and save them for when he gets to 50%, once he gets below that 50% mark then give it everything you got (without drones or security teams or anything like that though).

Try to flank him as much as possible, do not call security teams or any kind of dps support though because it will attack the Sulus.

The luck lies in whether or not the real sulu will be killed in the process.

Someone else might have a better tactic and it probably did work, but out of everything I've read online and all the advice I got from players in game, this worked the best - only because it actually worked. But I honestly think this mission completely depends on luck, you need strategy of course but whether sulu stays alive or not is all on luck.