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01-15-2011, 12:34 PM
Originally Posted by StrykerV
The reason Dassem is saying do not attempt is because of all the bugs. The coin flips take to long. The undine sometimes one shot in the back the engineers. Its just too many things that can ruin the mission real quick. This mission could literally take multiple days to finish. Him and I are same fleet. Him and 4 other regular stf runners attempted it 4 weeks ago and after 3 hours they gave up. The sulu room is too much to chance. He's only trying to spare this other player the agony of defeat and the possibly ragequit of the other STF's from this one.
I couldn't agree more, I never really had problems with the coin flippers or anything though, my real problem was at the end. I was just providing a strategy just in case this person is willing to deal with the excruciating frustration of it all.