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01-15-2011, 01:32 PM
the cure is the one STF that I've beaten atleast a dozen times. Everytime I've beaten it we've used the non-aggro approach. Last week I even led a team of first timers through it and we beat the third gate ont he first try and the last gate on the 2nd try. Beating these things comes down to 1 thing. having the proper weaponry. This week every time I get into one, I'm with fed tacs that don't have grenade satchels, and no one has sniper or high density beam rifles with kb3. Last night I jumped onto a team that was stuck at the 3rd gate, and an hour and a half later we still hadn't gotten through. One tac had a plasma grenade, but couldn't figure out he had to throw the grenade at the transformer before teh workers got there, and then an engineer kept using his orbital strike and assault rifles and aggroing the elite drones. I was a Sci and held the first tranformer all my myself with a mk x sniper rifle, and a mk xi high density beam rifle with kb3. the kb3 rifle is what is needed most on this mission. the rifle is aweful when you are going through the map, but it is much needed on those transformers, get it, and keep it into your inventory and equip it just before you need to use it. the same with the grenade kit, keep it in your inventory and only equip it at teh transformers. Its really not that hard to do, just time consuming.