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# 210 XMPP outages
01-15-2011, 05:34 PM
To Cryptic Team:
While this is a beta feature we've come to expect the temporary usually short lived outages. If I can't connect i usually give it several minutes to hours and try again, and usually it will work the next time.

However, like today it's gone down and it's obviously something that needs to be address internally to get it going again. Getting up and and going is probably something simple like reboot the server or restart a service and all is good.

So, what is the best way to log a legitimate outage?

Logging a ticket is not an option because they just pointed me back here since it's beta feature.
Is this forum post the best way report an outage? If so the last 2 major outages took several hours to days to get resolved. I don't think that it took that long to resolve, meaning i don't think anyone was looking at the problem for the duration of the outage, i just don't think anyone knew to check on it and when they did look were able to resolve quickly. I don't know this for sure just my opinion.

Is there a particular person or team that can be contacted by email or twitter?

Should a separate post be created just for outages that someone at cryptic will be looking at?

If no process exist for reporting the xmpp outage can something be created?

I think any of us that heavily use this feature are people that interact with their fleet a lot or are fleet managers. I think this (outside of the game) is one of most important features to enhancing a persons multilayer part of the MMO experience. I appreciate you making this feature available to the beta testers and would love to see it go to Holodeck soon!

This post is by no means a complaint, I just want to know what is the best solution.

Thanks, Russell Thomas