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01-15-2011, 09:40 PM
I don't dislike the Dominion. The Dominion just doesn't have very many redeeming qualities. All we were really told about them were that they were Interstellar ******s. All they do is conquer and pillage. They have hair trigger sensitivity and they are brutally efficient.

Compare that to any of the other factions.

Klingons have a rich backstory as a warrior race. WE know alot about their culture and ways.

The Romulans are sneaky and protective but WE know enough about them now to understand the way Romulans think. While Brutal at times they are more or less just defending their space and home.

The Cardassians Also have a rich backstory and we have seen their Politics change to a Militaristic society back to a Democracy over the course of DS9. We know ALOT about the Cardassians Culture and people can latch onto it.

The Dominion just doesn't have many feel good backstories involved. Pretty much they all serve the Founders who are huge ******. There were some stories how a certain section of the Jem Hadar wanted to escape and the God Weyoun but all we really got from that was the Dominion was bad and people wanted to escape. There just isn't much to latch onto.

Heck The Borg are more interesting than the Dominion. They have been explored and their mindset simple even though brutal. We know why the Borg think the way they do.

I suppose we know why the Dominion think they way they do as well but in their case it's more of a case of blowing a situation way out of proportion by a group of people who needed a hug.