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01-16-2011, 02:10 AM
Originally Posted by LordOfPit View Post
Personally, I think that's more a symptom of STO having been designed as an MMO rather than a story-based single-player RPG. Most MMO's I've played have this basic design to them, Go to XXX kill 5 YYY, interact with A,B,C and DING! That's how MMO's are at least in my experience. I'm still waiting for an MMO that will break this formula.

try eve- online it has some of that, but the game has a far far more sinister purpose behind, like nothing any other mmo has ever done before and its epic.

the onyl reason the game some of that because some people need the familiar turf to enable that transition into a game with no hand holding involved.

handholding = npc's giving you directions and telling you what to do and where to go, eve lets you make your own mind up and do exactly what you want.

i think sto should be takeing some pages out of eves book.