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01-16-2011, 12:55 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Hutchins
First off...thanks for the information.

I noticed that after loading the bind file that the little labels on the HUD display(that correspond with the key) have disappeared. Is there a way to get these to show? I notice when I set them in the chat window that the labels still exist.

Also are there other keybinds that you are aware of to change the size and shape of other HUD items?

Note: I have used the ones you have already posted.

IF you use a key combo that is on the first three trays (Alt+1, Control+8, 5), that label will be removed because it is no longer associated with the tray slot.

The only other HUD command that I can give you is: /GenJailUnlock <bin>

1 is unlocked; 0 is locked

Activating this will allow you to reposition the HUD elements. Here is a pic of my redistributed HUD.