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01-16-2011, 03:46 PM
Originally Posted by tranceaddict View Post

IF you use a key combo that is on the first three trays (Alt+1, Control+8, 5), that label will be removed because it is no longer associated with the tray slot.

The only other HUD command that I can give you is: /GenJailUnlock <bin>

1 is unlocked; 0 is locked

Activating this will allow you to reposition the HUD elements. Here is a pic of my redistributed HUD.
Thank you....I was really hoping to have trays 4-10 have the mini labels as well. I only wrote the bind file for trays 4-10, so 1-3 still have them. I just thought with so many options it would be nice to have that little reminder there.

The /GenJailUnlock bind is great....much easier to rearrange that way then with the options menu method....wonder why they dont make it the standard. It doesnt make sense to rearrange binds based on big yellow squares that dont quite match up to the image once switched back to normal view.

Anyhow...thanks again...I never knew anything about key binds before this, and now I feel like I have a good grip on it...lots to learn, but a good base. Thanks