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01-16-2011, 04:13 PM
Dude, that was the BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST mission I have played so far. Fricking RAD!!!!!

Very creative use of different kinds of aliens. It was great to not just see a bunch of Klingons or Cardassians, but a variety of faces.

Nice use of hardware details in the problem solving. It read like a real Star Trek mission where people used what information they had to come up with solutions.

Nice details such as insulting the Tellarite, that shows you know the show. Tiny details like that add real depth to the mission.

I loved the creature that spoke in binary and a computer was used to decode his speech. Very creative and not difficult but adds variety. Something we've never seen in any of the STO mission. The lady at the end that spoke of the warp core as a dance of two gods. Wild dude, very wild and again creative. So much better than any of the generic kill this and that missions.

The only thing I would change is dial down the pew pew. There is no need to shoot at six or seven groups at a time. In a Star Trek episode, you would typically only fight one ship at a time. Maybe you would engage, two mobs at a time but no more than that. Dial down the mobage, it's the most boring part of the mission. You've got more than enough creativity to make the mission fun, focus on that.

What's the next one about?