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01-16-2011, 03:51 PM
Originally Posted by jennjahn View Post
Interesting layout. I noticed the power silders, do you find yourself using them more often then if you just locked in some settings?
I don't manually adjust each slider. I have my presets bound to F9 - F12, respectively. That was one of the first things (along with Teammate targeting) that I did through Options:Keybinds menu; so I've been adjusting power levels the entire game.

I've started playing with a way to set each slider incrementally. Hopefully, I'll be able to adjust each one with minute precision so I can make those 123 power levels ... 125s. I'll let you know.

Originally Posted by Captain_Hutchins
Thank you....I was really hoping to have trays 4-10 have the mini labels as well. I only wrote the bind file for trays 4-10, so 1-3 still have them. I just thought with so many options it would be nice to have that little reminder there.

The /GenJailUnlock bind is great....much easier to rearrange that way then with the options menu method....wonder why they dont make it the standard. It doesnt make sense to rearrange binds based on big yellow squares that dont quite match up to the image once switched back to normal view.

Anyhow...thanks again...I never knew anything about key binds before this, and now I feel like I have a good grip on it...lots to learn, but a good base. Thanks
Yeah it might be nice to see, but fairly impractical. You'd only be able to see 3 rows at any given time. If you notice, my power tray displays my captain powers and the sundries like devices and batteries and such. This setup allows me to: 1) track of my cooldowns; 2) track my BO cooldowns through the brigdgecrew tray and 3) monitor my weapons.

The "Power Tray Layout" document lets me maintain all powers relative to the BO. I maintain a distinct keyboard mapping for powers so my keyboard activation sequences remain the same. (You should see the notes scribbled and paper taped to keys. ) If I change something, the new power is in the old power's location which makes it extremely easy to make changes to the multiple bind files I maintain for each toon. I can switch out any given BO at any time. I merely load a file Z#####.txt (Z=Zed; #= first letter of BO name) and have a new setup. This lets me change things up in PvP quickly; so, you'll wonder where that Tyken's Rift is coming from. :p

Thank you for the kind words. If I make you a better player ... I have to get that much better to stay ahead.