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# 1 Foundry -> Fleet Stuff.
01-16-2011, 09:31 PM
Why not just use the Foundry in a special "Fleet Mode" to make our Fleet bases and stuff?

These would be instances that could hold lots of people but you must be invited or in the fleet. I say "Fleet Mode" Foundry because it would have special Fleet Only options like Fleet Banks, etc.

I'd imagine you could create the System for your fleet (with it's sun(s) and planet(s)). Then create different spots where you could fly and go into bases and stuff.
You might be able to assign your fleet to a specific location within your faction's space. Or maybe you just transwarp there from anyways.

Then later more functionality could be added. Imagine unlocking new options in "Fleet Mode" for your Foundry. Via Fleet-wide Accolades you could unlock NPCs ground patrols, NPC ships, better Vendors, more Fleet Bank space, and possibly even buildings like Research Stations, Mining Facilities, etc.

The rewards would be everything from vanity rewards to fully functional. Like a Mining Facility might dump random physical samples in your bank. A Research Facility might drop random samples of antimatter and spacial ones in your fleet bank from time to time too.
You might be able to unlock defenses like Auto-Turrets. You could purchase more NPC patrols of various ship classes. You could upgrade your Starbase. Etc etc.

Basically think of an RTS game's tech tree. I bet that would make a nice fit with this game if designed right. It would also be significantly slower going (since it's an MMO) and continually evolve with each patch.

You could "buy" new facilities. Train new NPC units. Upgrade the different aspects of your facilities and units. Research technologies. Really, the only limit is your imagination (and Cryptic's resources :p ).

Then you'd design them to your specifications in the Fleet Mode of Foundry. You might even be able to have multiple systems for your fleet.

Everything would of course have a cost. From Credits to potentially new materials you could earn for your fleet (resources to build more buildings and stuff). Maybe through specific tasks. Maybe through slow going research in specific areas.

There would be Fleet based missions. All would be OPTIONAL and TRIGGERABLE.

Defend Your Starbase - Borg:
This could be an area where the Borg SHINE. Imagine a true Borg Battle. It would be scalable in power mattering on how many Fleet ships are participating but the idea here is for like 10-40 ships to take place in a real Borg Battle.
It can start with smaller ships. Eventually you might have to beam and do ground combat to defend your Starbase against Borg. But the real deal would be the end where the Borg Cube would be more like in the show and just star ripping through you as you take tons of ships at it.

Defend Your Starbase - Anything Else

Story crap blablabla... more creative missions :p

Also there should be PvP options here. You could challenge another fleet to attack your base or you could attack theirs. It wouldn't be "Open PvP" and would just be challenge based unless your Fleet Leader switched to "Open PvP" which would open your base to attack by anyone.

Finding enemy bases in Open PvP would likely be a task. I don't know how it would be achieved. But I'm sure you could think of something.

Lastly for the truly Open PvP people have been wanting:
Make claimable systems in the Neutral Zone. These would be preset in terms of the systems (you'd have less Foundry Options like you couldn't customize the Suns or Planets). These claimable systems would be open to any PvP attacks. They would also yield SIGNIFICANTLY higher resources than your normal systems.

Claiming a system would be basically destroying whoever is already there. Then defending the system for a set amount of time as your Starbases and Defenses and built up.

While the PvP is open you don't have to make a base here. You could always make a base in your territory outside of open PvP.

These bases would act basically the same as the bases you build in your safe territory. They just gather resources and built up considerably faster. They train NPCs faster. They do everything faster (but are considerably more dangerous).

Anyways, I could go into tons of depth but I won't. These are my basic ideas. Making the Foundry Tool compatible with Fleet play.