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Originally Posted by takiwa View Post
I am bothered by a few things...
1. the hallway going to my room is HUGE, ok I am in a defiant, where did all the interior volume come it. Oh wait it is the same on every ship I visit. Mt complaint would be scale, come on guys it doesnt take a brain sergeon to figure out that a defiant will not have cavernous hallways. And I can't believe your artists dont have a way to just scale things down, ALA the golden ship models, which are SWEET!

There is no way there is that much room on my Bird of Pray, the thing has a crew of like 40 people, yet I passed a few hundered on my tour of my BOP... WTF????

I have yet to understand how come all the bridges are oversized as well, and do not seem to conform to ship class, which in all the movies they did. In fact I would have thought it would be exceedingly easy for the modellers and artists to do the bridges of the different ships in the movies shows etc, since you can just watch the episodes and see the stuff.

Now that I said mostly negative things, I will reiterate... The interiors are COOL. I love them, but it needs more work, in some cases the size detracts from the feeling of immersion when your inside the ship and its oversized, or you see crew literally falling over each other and in too high of quantities.

I believe it may have to do with the camera perspective. Third person views tend to get really messed up in "real" scales because the camera will drag on the ceiling or you end up looking at ceiling features when panning down, which becomes disorientating or feels cramped. Easiest way to deal with it is to scale up to somewhere between x1.25 - x2 size for interior areas, particularly in the realm of ceiling height. You could simply raise the ceiling, but that wouldn't look right, so you raise the ceiling maybe by x2 and the wall and floor space by x1.25 or x1.5 depending on which would look better.