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01-17-2011, 11:58 AM
Originally Posted by exyle View Post
I'm curious to check out your missions and their content. They must be so much better.
For you? Probably not. A mission is all about opinion and my guess is that your taste and mine differ significantly.

Although I do have a 2 recorded log reports that you can actually play(as in use a console to activate the verbal log). You might enjoy that part. The rest, not likely. Not enough "use console" objectives. I prefer to write dialog.

No one spoke in binary in Cold Case, or any other STO mission. I've played them all on the Fed side.
I was referring to the basic idea of reading dialog that had the player and his BOs figure something out and then perform some complex action using "use object" objectives to advance the story.

This mission just shows that a lot of the sto writers 1) don't know Star Trek and 2) aren't very creative.
Oh come on. Are you seriously telling me that the Romulan Arc where we find out how the Hobus Star went Nova and destroyed Romulus wasn't creative? I thought that was great. It mixed Protomatter (something we only heard about in Star Trek II) as well as Trilithium which caused a star to go Super Nova (See Star Trek VII) and the third component I can't remember. That was very creative and well done.