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Originally Posted by LordDave View Post
Oh come on. Are you seriously telling me that the Romulan Arc where we find out how the Hobus Star went Nova and destroyed Romulus wasn't creative? I thought that was great. It mixed Protomatter (something we only heard about in Star Trek II) as well as Trilithium which caused a star to go Super Nova (See Star Trek VII) and the third component I can't remember. That was very creative and well done.
No. I guess my view of creative and that of the mainstream differ greatly. There are so many ideas that have yet to be explored. I guess I expect a lot. There have been some interesting missions in the Foundry, written by people who have obviously been Star Trek fans for a long time and want to explore the material. That's what I was promised at the Star Trek convention with the STO sales pitch, it's not what we got.