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01-17-2011, 03:23 PM
Originally Posted by exyle View Post
No. I guess my view of creative and that of the mainstream differ greatly. There are so many ideas that have yet to be explored. I guess I expect a lot. There have been some interesting missions in the Foundry, written by people who have obviously been Star Trek fans for a long time and want to explore the material. That's what I was promised at the Star Trek convention with the STO sales pitch, it's not what we got.
I think examples of the 47 conspiracy showing up in STO missions shows that there are some Star Trek writing traditions being continued in the game without most people even realising it. It shows that they are into Trek meta-level, more than just common things like knowing how to respond to Tellarites in dialogue.

Some of the storylines they've introduced are extremely creative in tying together things from the TV series, like the whole Preservers thing in the Deferi series - they tied together the Preserver storyline from TOS, and the advanced first humanoids from TNG's "The Chase" and merged them together in a plausible way, which continued both unexplored plot lines from Trek and brought them to us as a modern audience.

It felt very Trek-like to me.