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01-18-2011, 02:08 AM
On second thought, almost all Borg encounters that seemed easy can be explained away:

1) Tutorial -- these Borg are heavily weakened from the events of "Khitomer Accord"
2) State of Q -- these Borg are classic era (Battle of Wolf 359)
3) Collateral Damage -- these Borg are dealing with Undine (aka Species 8472)

That leaves only:
  • Asset Recovery
  • Infected
  • The Cure
  • Khitomer Accord
The Borg are quite tough in the latter 3. Starbase 82 (Infected) was the #2 spot for Battle Group Omega and considering that almost all 200+ Starfleet officers were assimilated, along with the commander Captain Ogen and their top researcher Rebecca Simmons (Manus of Borg) the Federation got owned pretty hard. In The Cure and Khitomer Accord they dish out quite a punishment.

As for the Borg that appear in the star cluster missions...that seems to be more an artifact of the randomly generated missions more than anything else.