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I know this may be flamed as a stupid question, but what if the escorts had a cruiser sized battleship or something slightly bigger, No I do not mean the Gal-X it is a total piece of crap in any real event. the Klingons have cannons on their ships why not the Federations? what could possibly be lost to us having a bit of cannons on our ships? I want one thing and one thing only, A large battleship with much to offer for a federation captain,

I do hope one day we have ultra powerful and expensive ships which would have the following,

6 weapon slots fore and aft,
a super power core.
4 carrier bays.
slower than the galaxy turn rate by 10x
and limited power usage.
hey there has to be a limit.
but I know this will happen one day.......probly in the next year or 2 scince ranks will go up and VA's will be commanders in comparison.

but all i really want right now is some sort of battleship not a small escort which cant hold against anything more than 3 small ships or 1 larger ship of each kind. seriously I have all mk XI very rares on my ship including aegis set and still it was torn apart by 2 large ships. not to mention it is a fleet escort which has a larger rate of survival than many of its brethren,
Prior to STO's launch, someone challenged me to drawup some Federation Starship designs and I came up with this:

Azurian's Battleships

I figured like the Defiant, heavily armored Warp Nacelles in Quads was appropriate for warships, to act as redundancy.