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01-18-2011, 07:40 PM
i'm the leader of the 101st Phalanx TaskForce

we have the following department head positions open because we are a newer fleet
  • Fleet Ambassador
  • Chief of staff(command)
  • Head of medical
  • Head of R&D
  • Adminal(Exploration)
  • Head of Security
  • General (M.E.C.O)
  • StarbaseCommander(if and when fleets get their own star base)

anyone can apply to be a department head as long as they meet the requirements for that department

we do have a ranking system

we use the following ranks

Fleet Admiral
Vice Fleet Admiral
Admiral (rank of heads of departments)
Vice Admiral
Rear Admiral
Captain (starting rank in the fleet)

also the four diplomatic ranks


so far the members are:

FAdm.Mack92-head of the special TaskForce (ME)
VFAdm.Zeus12311-head of intelligence

we have simple rules which can be changed at any time by a vote of the board of adminals(formed of the heads of all departments)

some departments have specific requirements to join and be the head of.
for more information your can contact me in game
on xfire: kenskid1
and at or
fleet site is under construction