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01-18-2011, 10:51 PM
Originally Posted by BuccaneerDTB
Nice thread. I do prefer to set my skills at 4 and 7 at tier one and two, 5 and 9 after that, maxing any I want to be able to train. Please tell us what the advantage is to maxing warp core. You mentioned a hidden bonus?
Maxing Warp Core Training is connected to power calculation. As I've linked in my OP the excellent power calculation guide, if you plot your skillpoints across Warp Core Training, <SYSTEM> Efficiency, and <SYSTEM> Performance, you can net yourself a lot of power.

This is how I manage to get 50 effective shields from a setting of 25.

This is also how a lot of players can somehow avoid being completely drained when hit by Energy Siphon + Tyken's Rift, the two power-draining powers, along with Beam: Target tactical powers.

I personally can get 75 weapons, 50 shields 50 engines and 100 aux on my science vessel