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01-19-2011, 10:56 AM
Originally Posted by Archanubis
God, I haven't been paying attention to the releases this year. Transformers: Dark of the Moon perhaps, other than that, not sure.
I'm with Archy on this one. I'm definitely looking forward to TF3, but other than that, the movies I'm aware of this year just seem lackluster. I didn't enjoy Tron as much as I hoped I would - amazing special effects, sure, but the whole "Look, it's young Jeff Bridges!" thing was irritating, because it's still horribly easy to identify CGI on a scale like that, apart from in quick glimpses. Damn the Uncanny Valley.

Cowboys Versus Aliens looks interesting, and the new Alien prequel is slated for the end of the year/2012, so I'm not sure whether to include that or not in my list. Paul looks like fun, as does Tornado Alley and Your Highness.

Real Steel looks like an updated Robot Jox, I never got into the Evangelion series, and the only real surprise so far is the re-release of Shoah, which I'm definitely going to see if it hits these shores.