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01-19-2011, 01:49 PM
Originally Posted by Mockeryangel
That's not a Godwin, canon nazi is like grammarnazi it's not really comparing someone to the nazis [...]
I know what it's supposed to say - but if a comparison to nazis is not part of it, why include the term? As you said, it is to insult or ridicule the other person, so it specifically relies on the negativity that comes with the word and its meaning.

Whether you're calling someone a grammar nazi or claim that "he's as strict as a nazi when it comes to grammar" is the same thing - thus Godwin's Law applies to both.

Originally Posted by Mockeryangel
Thus I question whether the greathall is a proper military location and not just somewhere with a small military add on.
So let me get this straight - you take a few negligible engine-based limitations as a reason to dispute the Great Hall's status, despite it clearly being labeled as such? And not even that, now it's supposed to be "somewhere" with a "small military add-on", despite clearly being in the midst of the capital city and containing the entire High Council?

Originally Posted by Mockeryangel
See all you need is some creativity and an open mind, pretty Trek in spirit if you ask me.
Quite a paradox, to claim that it is Trek to take the feeling of the show out of the game. Also, creativity and grasping at straws just because you want to usurp Orion uniqueness are two different things.

All this talk just makes me think it was a mistake to give the Klingon faction the Alien CharGen in the first place, considering that all it does is serve as a disruption for the style we know from the shows. Be it because it is abused to play Romulans and Humans, or because now there's a drive to "steal" what makes Orion culture visually distinctive.

KDF got way too many species. Unfortunately it is far too late to roll back this mistake now.