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01-19-2011, 05:00 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Danar
Do those who paid the original price get anything in compensation? I mean it's a bit harsh paying for a lifetime subscription before the game even got up and running for a higher cost, when those who come in and get the benefits of our dedication get it at a discount price.
Danar, I don't remember what I paid for the subscription back when the game launched - I think it's this same discount price - but my big benefit are the 180 dollars I haven't had to spend on subscription fees since, which you'd have to add up to this for everyone who decided to wait and see...

There's nothing harsh about it, at all.

And here's hoping the ingame surprise is a crew showing up to wrap ESD in plastic and fumigate the place while Starfleet temporarily moves into into the old spacedock rusting out behind the moon... then some rookie pest control guy lights up a cigarette, and there's much rejoicing for all.