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01-19-2011, 06:10 PM
A couple things:

The Transwarp Hub we saw destroyed was one of six in the Milky Way, the Borg still have access to most of the Milky Way. The technological limitations of Delta Quadrant Species would not be a barrier to the Borg continuing to assimilate advanced technology.

As we have seen in multiple episodes from TNG & VOY, as well as First Contact and that one episode from ENT, Borg groups separated from the collective will establish their own collective, even going so far as to generate a new Queen, any "fracturing" that occurred from future Janeways neurolytic toxin was likely undone inside a few weeks, maybe a year at most. Even if that entire hub of the Borg was obliterated, and all it's drones and computers lost, the Borg have "Thousands of worlds and Millions of ships", each one capable of becoming the new Unimatrix 01.

Indeed, it's likely that Unimatrix 02 merely got a promotion and began reasserting collective control within moments of the Unimatrix 01 being disrupted. In fact, it's possible that the confusion engendered by the neurolytic toxin may have merely been an inability to recognize the proper command and control structure, and it was the Borgs own countermeasures fighting Unimatrix to Unimatrix that caused the chaos. That may have even been the entire purpose of the toxin in the first place, corrupt recognition protocols, disrupting the Collective command structure. Kind of like Scramble Sensors in STO.

But no matter how it functioned, it was a material threat, a toxin, which would not have continued to affect far-flung Borg after the destruction of Unimatrix 01.

It's my bet that the Borg have lain in wait these past three decades as they rebuilt the sixth of their Transwarp Network disabled by Janeway. If you really think about it, the Borg (the true Borg, in Gamma Orionis) should be more powerful, the fact that they aren't isn't from story concerns, it's from a game play mechanic nerf. They wanted the Borg Endgame to be something other than PCs being wiped again and again, so they tuned them back.

Canonically, the Borg should be the terrifying, nearly-unstoppable force they were portrayed as in TNG, and lets face it, the Borg from VOY were nerfed by the writers to keep the Voyager crew from being wiped out and assimilated by the first stray Sphere.

Oh, and Doogie? As to the size difference, watch the Battle of Sector 001, and then the final battle from Endgame, look at the size of the Cubes compared to Voyager, and compared to the Enterprise-E. The size difference is obvious.

Actually, come to think of it, the size of the Cubes from Wolf 359 and the Battle of Sector 001 were probably he biggest mistake the Borg made. Looking at the size of the entrance Apertures at the Transwarp Hub, a cube of their size couldn't fit, which explains why those cubes always appeared on the edges of Federation space and traveled towards Earth using conventional Warp. We never see the "big" Cubes use Transwarp. If they had used smaller, transwarp-capable cubes, they could have exited right on Earths doorstep with little to no warning, with dozens of the smaller Cubes to overwhelm any meager defensive force Starfleet may have been able to muster.

I have repeatedly said the Borg need to be buffed, and I stand by it.

With the addition of the Borg set, the smallest group of Borg we see should be three partially assimilated (Borg Set outfitted) ships, Fed, KDF, Cardassian, a random assortment would do nicely.

The second level should be a Borg probe, upgraded to roughly the same difficulty of the current Borg Spheres, accompanied by several partially assimilated ships.

The third level should be a Borg Sphere, upgrades to the level of the current Borg Cubes.

The Borg Cubes should have the firepower and resilience of the current Borg Tactical Cube.

The Borg Tactical Cube should have armor and shield resistances and weapons buffs over and beyond their current level.

The sixth, and final Borg ship we see in any kind of commonality should be what I think of as the "Assimilation Cube" the hulking, uber-powerful Cubes that they sent to assimilate Earth each time. twice as tall, wide, and thick as the Borg cubes we're dealing with now, with 8 times the mass. It should be reserved for a Crystalline Entity-type Fleet Action.

Each level should be able to resist and adapt to the conditions they encounter.

Gaining 1% resistance to each weapon type used against it every ten seconds, with different plateaus for each level. The partially assimilated ships plateau at 10%, Probes at 20%, Spheres at 30%, Cubes at 40%, Tactical cubes at 50%, and Assimilation Cubes at 60%.