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The Borg's very nature. The Borg ASSIMILATE other species, and if your remember a good majority of the species we have seen from the Delta Quadrant aren't really the most technologically advanced. And many that where probably where assimilated a long time ago. Basically, the Borg in that sense is screwed. I do have to mention that we did not see a whole LOT of the Delta Quadrant, so that may be a false assumption.

Now, you also have to count in that basically the ENTIRE COLLECTIVE WAS LITERALLY BROKEN APART. How long do you think it would have taken for the Borg to reassemble an adequate Hive-mind? You have to remember that for Drones, dealing with individuality is hard, and most likely they where very confused and unable to work their advanced machinery. Also, the Queen was dead, meaning that the Borg's main Processor of Info is gone, and Chaos is brought into the remainder of the Collective. It is logical to assume that many of those years where spent just reassembling the Collective, and that the Borg probably lost some of their All-Powerful Knowledge. (Much like a Virus)
The ending of Voyager's finale "Endgame" was deliberately ambiguous about the Borg's fate. What we do know is that Unimatrix 01, home to trillions of Borg, was destroyed, along with at least one version of the Borg Queen and the transwarp hub (one of 6 in the galaxy). The Unimatrix Zero rebellion may have slowed the Borg down as well after Voyager returned home.

However, we do know the Borg have not been destroyed or even crippled in that they are becoming more forceful in the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. They have also advanced enough to assimilate Species 8472 (Undine).

As far as the Delta Quadrant species, less advanced races do not mean that the Borg would get weaker -- it just means they wouldn't advance foward by leaps and bounds. Both Seven of Nine (in Path to 2409) and Leonard Nimoy's voiceover for Gamma Orionis said that these Borg are an even greater threat than they were in the past. Voyager returned in 2379 and the Borg have had three decades to rebuild. The Federation has more technology, but is also confronted with a war with the Klingons, an erratic Romulan Star Empire, an insurrection with the True Way Alliance, Undine infiltration, and a still largely unknown Iconian threat on the horizon.