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01-19-2011, 05:50 PM
I'm personally a little miffed by this promotion.

Rationally, I understand that it'll increase the active playerbase of the game. It'll draw in interested customers. That's good - it means I'll have more people to play with.

However, with this, well... it signifies that having been a founding subscriber pretty much holds no more perks at all. It might've been more advantageous to hold off on buying the game for a year and then buy everything at its present much reduced price, with the game presently offering more features - save perhaps for the subscribed days-based veteran rewards.

Being miffed by it may be a bit petty, but it's still how I feel about it. Though, at the roots, this has more to do with me griping about marketing decisions for the game... and that's nothing the community representatives or the Devs can really do zilch about so it'd be silly to hold it against them. *sigh*

I really do look forward to more of the stuff that's to come for the anniversary, though.
..and the sexy PC Gamer open jacket. XD

edit: oh, I am so glad Stormshade can relate.