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01-19-2011, 06:29 PM
Originally Posted by StormShade
There's another part of me that thinks $299.99 for a lifetime subscription to an MMO, which could provide decades worth of entertainment is an absolutely amazing deal. (And yes, there are some predecessors to the now common "MMO" which are quite good, and have been around for decades. Some of you might remember Gemstone from the old 1200 baud modem days. Heck, I almost wish I could of bought a LTS for EQ!)
I don't support the hyperbole but I do support the overall message Stormshade wrote. I wish I'd gone lifetime in a couple of the other games I play.

I also think some of you "early adopters" really need to get over yourselves. Basing your sense of prestige (in a video game, no less) based on when you started playing makes no sense because nobody but you knows or cares. It's the equivalent of protesting a clearance sale on Camaros because you knocked yourself out to rush out and buy a Camaro when the dealership advertised rock-bottom pricing a year ago. Nobody on the street knows or cares when you bought your car and you'd never dream of doing that in real life and expect to be taken seriously. You have it, you paid a good price, enjoy it and move on.

Feeling guilty about responding to the breathless advertisements with ridiculous impulse purchases? Well sorry, but that was precisely the point. The marketing industry isn't going to shut down over your residual buyer's remorse and petty (misplaced) sense of entitlement. Nor should Cryptic cancel this sale. Don't confuse the money-less Federation society (in a video game...based on a TV show...) for the real world you actually live in. I think this mentality is part of what drives the C-Store hostility too.

I can get that you have an emotional attachment to your characters and ships or even to the game but you certainly cannot say you didn't get a nice period of exclusivity. Also at least you're almost done getting your lifetime's worth, unlike me who's just starting the clock and has already paid for a full year up to now. I'm effectively paying twice for the exact same game!