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01-19-2011, 06:35 PM
Originally Posted by Zoberraz View Post
I'm personally a little miffed by this promotion.

Rationally, I understand that it'll increase the active playerbase of the game. It'll draw in interested customers. That's good - it means I'll have more people to play with.

However, with this, well... it signifies that having been a founding subscriber pretty much holds no more perks at all. It might've been more advantageous to hold off on buying the game for a year and then buy everything at its present much reduced price, with the game presently offering more features - save perhaps for the subscribed days-based veteran rewards.

Being miffed by it may be a bit petty, but it's still how I feel about it. Though, at the roots, this has more to do with me griping about marketing decisions for the game... and that's nothing the community representatives or the Devs can really do zilch about so it'd be silly to hold it against them. *sigh*

I really do look forward to more of the stuff that's to come for the anniversary, though.
..and the sexy PC Gamer open jacket. XD

edit: oh, I am so glad Stormshade can relate.
I agree and fell the same way,
BUT like most of us who beta tested and bought the Lifetime Subscription I thought that some of the items I got would be special but I guess to keep and make new players Cryptic had to do what they had to doÖ.
At the least give us betaís/life timers something that will be very hard for the average player to get like
umm the shuttle pet that only people who even heard of that taco joint got the codes what was that .06% of your players.
But make it a combat pet and donít make it for rear admirals just so that you can sell it later down the road!!!
Make it an ward for the account not character
Give something that is actually special to the few that have been here for the full year and longer like the beta testers...
Yes I am aware of the calendar and that I just might be presently surprised when it finally gets announced.

Really for those who have reached 365+ days, 52 weeks, 12 months 1 year plus some really make us feel like we have earned something for being a part of this
Donít get me wrong Iím working on making three Rear admirals and the best fleets possible
I have very big plans for my next captain

all in all love STO and am looking forward for new epesodes