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01-19-2011, 11:10 PM
Originally Posted by Brolarter View Post
If they want to make life subs worth really getting ... a no brainer then sweeten the pot a bit...
like 20% off everything in the C store every day for life sub's so when c store items go on sale for 20% off for everyone life sub' get that plus their own 20% off.
rewards for life subs weapons, items, abilities .. something that you can't buy , trade , loot drops, or craft that helps your toon or ship. nothing to over powerfull..
Like the aegis set should have been a life sub's item. or a galaxy or sov class that has complete universal bridge slots.
example 200 day life sub reward sov / galaxy / nebula/ vorch/ negvar, all universal bridge slots..
300 day life sub reward aegis set...
things like that would even make me think a life sub would be worth it.

LOL thats exactly what a lifetime sub should not be, your getting a price break with a little fluff but the emphasis should be the price break what u suggest is exactly what u should not do in a mmo give real benifits for extra money a fine line the c store already walks.