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01-20-2011, 02:18 AM
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I feel like i have been riped off in some way now i am canadian i paid 308.99 CAD six months ago and now the canadian dollar is on par with the amercian dollar right now the same amount is worth candain is worth 309.841 usd and now six month later the Life membership is 239.99 USD = 239.380 CAD is 69 dollars cheaper. why should have to pay more because cryptic want to sell more lifetimes members to for free to play game and why is it free to because of DC online may be? yet i still support the game by buying cryptic piont for respecs because i was already an RA when they come up with the respec tokens in game stacked , but if you already an RA when this happened sorry you do not get want every one else get for leveling up!!!!!! Cryptic do the right thing for those whom bought a life time sub in the past 6 months rebate us the $69 dollar in cryptic pionts atleast.
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Bud I wouldn't be to upset with the CAD vs USD saga. Here in South Africa, it's ~ R7 to $1. I would take your conversion (even at the higher rate) any day of the week... scratch that.... lifetime!

My concern was what was going to happen should STO go F2P, but thanks to Lantesh and others, I see there are still benefits to be derived. Come the end of the month, I'll take a look and see whether a LTS is a good option for me. Gives me time to think