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01-20-2011, 10:48 AM
To be absolutely honest, I think this is premature.
All the current missions made by the Foundry are cookie cutter from a regular player perspective. Not because the author can't do better, I'm 100% confident that they can and they will, but because the foundry can't handle better at the moment. Because of that, every mission is a simple go there, kill X things and scan Y things and then kill some more.

The first thing I did on the foundry is that I played a mission with high marks. I played 2 Drozana weekly missions then The Extraction and I was like, "This is it? I killed x ships, y ground enemies and hit F z times. Even some Cryptic missions do better than that." Then I checked the limitations and lowered the standards. From that lowered perspective that mission is very cool and will get better with better tools.

Problem is, that most player in Holodeck won't take the time to check the limitations of the foundry. They will compare it to the complex and advanced Weekly missions. And in that comparison the foundry missions will fail.

I'd hold back until we get the triggers and the braching dialogs (and maybe the some usable building blocks).